Marc Droske

Applied Mathematician (Dr. rer. nat., PhD)

I'm Head of Rendering Research at Weta Digital, New Zealand.

Prior to joining Weta, I was a research mathematician at mental images which became NVIDIA Advanced Rendering Center, Berlin during the acquisition by NVIDIA, where I worked on GPU-accelerated path tracing (iray) and geometry processing algorithms.

I studied Applied Mathematics at the University of Bonn. I received my Diploma and PhD degree in the institute for Numerical Simulation (Bonn and Duisburg), where I wrote my dissertation

On Variational Problems and Gradient Flows in Image Processing (PDF) advised by Prof. Martin Rumpf.

In 2005-2006 I visted the math department at UCLA for a PostDoc with Andrea Bertozzi and Stanley Osher.

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Publications (Journal, Proceedings)

Temporal Normal Distribution Functions

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Path Tracing in Production: Part 1: Modern Path Tracing

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On Variational Problems and Gradient Flows in Image Processing

Marc Droske ∙ PhD Dissertation thesis, University of Duisburg, 2005


Divide-and-Conquer System, Method, and Computer Program Product for Providing Photon Mapping

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